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Legitimate Freelancing Websites Where You Can Get Online Jobs Without Paying a Single Cent


legitimate freelancing websites

Working online is awesome, especially when you’re working on legitimate freelancing websites that pay you for your hard work. It can be demoralizing to work on a site only to realize that it’s a scam website.

I asked guys in one of the best Facebook groups to help me compile a list of legitimate sites where Kenyans can work without barriers such as joining fees or country restrictions. You don’t have to pay a dime to join these sites and they don’t have problems with Africans or non-natives. You just need to be able to provide quality, professional work.

So, what are those legitimate freelancing websites?

General Freelancing Sites


Article Writing Websites

  5. ClearVoice
  6. ContentMart
  7. Constant Content

Transcription Websites

  9. Take Note

Graphic and Web Design Website

Translation Website

Job Boards

  1. ProBlogger Job Board
  2. Indeed
  3. FreelanceWritingGigs
  4. Listiller
  5. Reddit

Other Work At Home Jobs That Pay Well

For those who are uninterested in joining the rat race each day, why do not you strive to work at home? Working at home gives quite a few perks, which encompass flexibility and the capability to paintings at your own pace and time. With such a lot of home-based process offers to select the shape, all you need to do is do your research, weigh the options, and evaluate the charge costs and other incentives. Here’s a rundown of the wok at domestic jobs that pay pretty well these days.

Freelance Web Writer

Freelance writing online is much like another offline profession, where you first want to paintings for a while, and slowly build up your issue rely on being counted information. Freelance writers can earn from $10,000 to $20,000 yearly on common. Aspiring freelance writers though want to be bendy, and ought to be prepared to take more than a wide style of assignments; but, they need to also specialize in a gap that fits or suits them, like era, schooling, actual property, community advertising, and others.

Home-Based Call Center Agent

While traditional call center personnel work in a normal workplace putting, other employers permit their staff to work from home. If you’re inquisitive about applying for a domestic-primarily based name center agent job, you want to have equipment like a pc, high-velocity Internet gets entry to, a committed cellphone line, and an amazing-great headset. Before applying for the work at home call center job, find out whether the corporation gives whole training, or whether or not you need to pay for the schooling and different additional types of equipment. Legitimate name middle corporations usually offer education and other assist offerings at no cost to the worker.

Home-Based Online Tutors

Online home-based totally tutors also are in excessive demand nowadays. A paintings-at-home tutor regularly works for agencies that offer tutoring services for a big selection of topics, catering to students of all ages, together with primary, secondary and university college students. Most of the online coach task postings nowadays provide bendy hours and comparatively excessive pay. The normal paintings hours variety from early evenings and weekends, where maximum students are not at school and are mostly home. An online train’s process generally calls for a college degree or big coaching experience, in addition, to complete know-how of the subjects they may be coaching.

Medical And Legal Transcription Jobs

Home-based transcription jobs are also in the extraordinary call for these days. A transcriptionist generally types and edits dictated documents and other court cases. Medical transcriptionists convert clinical reviews into written reports. Medical transcribers want to be very acquainted with scientific terms, criminal standards and privateness requirements that follow to fitness statistics. Legal transcriptionists, on the other hand, create and edit documents dictated by way of a felony professional. Although no formal education is required to emerge as a prison transcriptionist, the character nevertheless wishes to have fundamental information about prison terminology, in addition to the top command of English.

See The Magazines That Pay You $500 to Write

How good is your writing skill? Do you need to make money writing?

The following is a listing of 7 print and digital magazines that pay up to $500 in step with the article, once in a while extra, occasionally much less. Some of the charge records are gleaned from price reports; some it’s far virtually found through the publisher on their submission guideline pages. Keep in thoughts that you could still want to negotiate the fee of pay.

MEL is a guys’ website created by way of the Dollar Shave Club. They cover “sex, relationships, fitness, money and tradition from a malefactor of view despite the fact that we are not all-male (and are not continually positive what meaning).” Payment reviews suggest quotes among 30 and 50 cents consistent with the word. Though it appears the editorial assistant’s electronic mail cope with is the best one listed. It’s a foot in the door, at least.

The New Food Economy is a nonprofit website. They are fascinated “in new business and funding models, food safety, nutrition, economics, policy and the exceptional, extensive-open middle of the meals supply chain: the whole thing that takes place among farm and fork.” One charge document suggests a rate of around $500 for a feature article. To study greater, examine their submission suggestions.

Racked covers shopping, with a specific hobby in “the intersection of politics and style and splendor.” They additionally pay for non-public essays. Reports suggest they pay over $500 for feature articles. To study extra, examine their contributor pointers.

YAM Magazine is a regional mag overlaying the greater Victoria, B.C. Area. They pay 40 cents consistent with a phrase for features among 1,2 hundred and three,000 phrases. To research extra, read their submission pointers. This is just the kind of local magazine many writers build their career with –to study greater about breaking into this sort of e-book, I suggest searching How to Become a Local Freelance Journalist.

Boys’ Life is a month-to-month magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America. Articles ought to the hobby and entertain boys of 6-17. They cover a vast range of non-fiction, from professional sports activities to American history. Department portions consist of nature, aviation, health, pets, history, and music. Fiction is venture-only; do not question. Query by way of mail for non-fiction. Word count number: 500-1,500 for main non-fiction articles; up to 600 for departments. Pay: $500-1,500 for principal non-fiction articles; $100-600 for departments.

HOW is a mag for graphic designers that discusses the business and industry. Since it’s 675% freelance written, the booklet is usually searching for articles that discuss industry figures, traits, problems, and greater. They accept each query and unsolicited manuscripts through postal mail. According to a previous version of their submission tips, they pay $250 to $800, relying on the complexity and revel in. To learn more, examine their submission guidelines.

Other Top Online Data Entry Companies

Online information access jobs are best for everybody who desires some extra cash on the comfort in their home. Big agencies outsource information entry work via data control provider vendors. These companies appoint people to paintings from their domestic. Once the registration is over they provide statistics to go into on line into their web sites. This activity pays a very profitable income for you. Irrespective of u. S. A ., you could join those agencies and make cash from domestic.

Let me advocate a few top agencies that pay precise coins for your work. These businesses paintings for multinational company giants to finish the technique of facts control.

Click and work

Click and work is one of the proper businesses which offer diverse freelance statistics access jobs. This business enterprise turned into began in 12 months 2000 and has been imparting jobs for qualified people international. They offer data entry typist jobs, analyst, web searchers, group leaders, creator jobs and much greater. Thousands of human beings paintings for them from home and gather bills by means of check or PayPal.

Dion records answers

This is the USA based totally records management organization with excessive requirements. They offer extraordinary sorts of facts access jobs and training and not using a fee to individuals and households. They accept utility through emails. No telephone calls can be made to them, because of the expanded submission of applications. You ought to have a minimum kind speed of 60 phrases consistent with a minute and a pc with net connection to apply for positions.

This company offers numerous data typing jobs for knowledgeable people. You need to have minimal type pace and accuracy in the venture. They do not offer any jobs for freshmen and new humans. However, if you have 65 phrases according to minute typing speed you can follow for any statistics typist job. You can count on moneymaking income from them.

Key for cash

Key for cash gives online typing works for anybody who desires extra profits. They provide facts which need to be typed on their internet site using login the password they provide. You do now not want to pay a dime for becoming a member of them. You want no dedication either. You can earn as much as you want running as tons as or as low as you desire. If you’re 18 years vintage or more you can follow for online typist jobs.

Mulberry studio

Mulberry studio offers facts entry transcription jobs in the scientific and trendy field. If you have got a typing pace of seventy-five words per minute, you could give it a try to paintings for them. You have to additionally have proper command over English. Minimum enjoys in transcription and word processing might be favored by way of them. They pay you exact operating surroundings and profitable income. They offer domestic and global statistics entry jobs which you can do from your home and make true money.

The above 5 businesses are top records entry control corporations with first-class charge alternatives. There are plenty of such groups which provide those on-line data access work for you. You need to choose at least 10 to 20 agencies and follow for work. You can earn very exceptional earnings working at the comfort of your property. You must be a part of an internet site which has a tie-up with many such businesses and provides you assignments to complete from home. This is the very best and quickest way to make money online.


You can be wondering, what jobs for ex-felons are to be had? Sometimes it seems as even though no one is hiring proper now, in particular, ex-felons. Jobs for ex-felons aren’t exactly falling out of the sky but unemployment is not your simplest choice. There are nonetheless a few good jobs for ex-felons available if you appearance tough.

When you apply for an activity, the organization will take a look at your current paintings history greater intently than vintage paintings records from 10 years in the past. Now, if it’s been several years on account that your release and also you already have a strong paintings records then you can observe to the higher-paying jobs.

On the other hand, if you haven’t had an activity inside the final five years, ask yourself this query: how will employers recognize which you are a great desire for the nice jobs for felons?

If it’s your problem then your high-quality bet is to build a work history. In this example, your goal is to get one of the top jobs and work hard at it so you can hopefully increase your career.

Many of the tremendously regulated and authorized professions are likely out of your reach. For instance, jobs that require using explosives or firearms are most probably out of the question.

So what types of jobs for felons are within your attain?

Truck riding/commercial use – These are traditional jobs that pay nicely and usually need new humans. With a few of the truck drivers now nearing retirement age, 2 hundred,000 truck using jobs need to be crammed via the end of 2011. This is a top-notch opportunity for ex-offenders.

Wait for the workforce, bartending, barista and other meals provider jobs – The food enterprise is continually seeking out hard-working dependable workforce. As prison jobs pass, this doesn’t pay that nicely until you get a number of desirable hints so try and get activity at one of the higher places wherein the tips are excellent.

Pizza shipping – This is any other kind of felon employment wherein your earnings relies upon on tips however in case you paintings in a great town, pizza transport is a respectable manner to make a few coins.

Movers – If you don’t thoughts a number of lifting and wearing, you can get a process at one of the small transferring organizations. Like some of the other jobs, this does not pay that a whole lot but having a regular job like this may assist building up a strong work records for ex-offenders so that you can apply to the better jobs for felons in a while.

U.S. Military jobs – Provided that the army recruitment officers experience that you may make a terrific soldier, the military can get a waiver for ex-felons. The pay and advantages are quite precise compared to many other jobs for ex-felons.

If you need to revel in a variety of personal freedom and earn greater, why settle for dull, low-paying felon pleasant jobs when you could simply work for your self?

Freelance employees are humans who have abilities that clients want. Instead of working for just one employer, they’ve many customers who pay them relying on the work that they do. Examples of some freelance or independent contractor jobs for ex-felons are would be Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Computer Technician.

Jobs for ex-felons may be hard to discover however as the lists above show, there are numerous viable careers which might be open to ex-offenders. At first, you can settle for an extremely low-paying job if you are sparkling out of jail and want a process badly. However, you may not need to restriction yourself to those styles of jobs for ex-felons for all time. You just want to get lower back on your toes, build the history of a good painting and then intention for one of the better-paying jobs for ex-felons while you are equipped to compete for the higher-paying jobs.

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