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9 Ways to Get Excellent Clients Who Pay

All of us want those awesome clients who love our work and values the person we are and the job we do and as well as pay well.

If you’re just starting to be a writer, freelancing may appear to be something you cannot achieve hard, confusing and even scary! This is made worse when you read horror stories from people who’ve been conned after working so hard.

Am here to tell you the best news you always wants to here and that  is that it’s possible to get awesome clients with proper direction. In fact, if you do things well, you can go through your entire freelancing life without ever getting conned.

Below are some of the ways in which you can get excellent clients who pay:

  1. Bidding sites

Here you bid/apply for posted projects. Currently, the best one is Upwork. Sadly it auto-rejects some profiles immediately after applying. Still try joining. You’ll never know if you don’t try. You can also try out PeoplePerHour.

  1. Microjob sites

Here you post what you can do and clients order your service. The best by far is Fiverr. There are a few others such as SEOClerks and Gigbucks. PeoplePerHour has a bit of this as well.

  1. “Take” accounts

Here jobs are posted on a queue so you just pick what you want to do. These are specific to a skill e.g. iWriter and GreatContent for writers or SpeechPad for transcribers.

  1. Job boards

These are sites that need no sign up, but they publicly post jobs with instructions on how to apply. These include the ones by ProBloggerBloggingPro and FreelanceWritingGigs.

  1. Social media

For some people, when they need writers, transcribers, graphic designers etc, they quickly post it in social media. One of the best places to get jobs is LinkedIn. Specialized Facebook groups also do the trick.

  1. Blog

You can start a blog and post excellent content that targets buyers. Have a services page where clients can see your freelance services and hire you. This one gives some of the best quality clients ever.

  1. Trainers

Do you know why people scramble to pay for training? It’s because trainers really push to help trainees get started. As much as you can learn things for free, your trainer will give you a structured approach. This starts from the very first basic step and takes you through to a veteran level.

Many may not promise all trainees jobs, but you can be guaranteed that the very best trainees end up working for the trainers or get direct clients through a hookup by their trainers. Even if they don’t get work directly from the trainer, they can still get hired by clients after implementing what they learn.

I train in freelance writing. Check out my Complete Freelance Writing Course here.

  1. Collaboration/Networking

This is so much fun and makes life easy. It is where you build close friendships with freelancers in your niche. Whenever they get a job you can better handle, they give it to you for free and vice versa. You can get excellent quality clients this way.

  1. Pitching

Do you remember when you were once jobless and stepped into any of your target companies leaving a CV and cover letter? You really hoped one of them would look at your job application and and hire you, right?

This works the same way, just that you do this 10 times better. How? You reach out to the brands and influencers in your niche via email or social media, offering them your writing services. First you grab their attention, build some rapport, place your offer and keep following up.

The reason I say you do this better is because unlike those letters you’d randomly dropped in offices, here you directly contact the person who matters such as the CEO of a company or head of content. It may take time to get a response but once hired, you get just the right job at just the right rate.


A great online freelancing strategy is to always diversify sources of work. Don’t just rely on one source, only to end up sad and frustrated when it has issues. Take a step and start implementing each of the tips above.

Freelance Writing Pay Rates

You have been wondering whats freelance writing pay quotes can be difficult to decide whilst you first try and set up your freelance writing business. The first hassle you’ll stumble upon is how to decide what the competition is charging for his or her work. As I observed, whilst first beginning out, these facts may be hard obtained; many writers want to hold their quotes secret for fear of being undercut by way of the opposition.

I overcame this trouble by way of building up relationships with writers online. Don’t ask them what their freelance writing pay quotes are right now but wait for an appropriate second when this query can be posed. As you may likely be new to the business you could not have had the danger to network with different writers to get entry to this form of information. But with the power of social networking, there are many associations and enterprises on-line that can be capable of offer you a manual as to what you have to rate.

It is essential to determine the ideal freelance writing pay costs because, if you underneath rate for a venture, you can come to be doing too much work for very little cash; overcharge and you can risk losing the business of the client.

External instances also can play a part within the price you could be given for your freelance writer pay. For instance, in case you live in sure international locations, you could commonly accept a decrease charge of pay than a person dwelling in a “first global” country. The reason for this is writers in poorer countries could have a lower price of residing and for this reason can be able to take delivery of decrease freelance author pay.

Another purpose that positive writers can be given decrease quotes is currency fees can fluctuate across the globe. Five dollars may be a small amount in a single part of the world however can be a high charge elsewhere.

So, with this kind of disparities, what need to be the figuring out elements in freelance creator pay.

Well, first of all, when you have a particular specialism then you may rate a top rate for an activity. Let’s say you have got an economic history and you need to jot down a bit at the cash markets. It might be reasonable to assume, because of your returned floor and qualifications, that you need to be paid a top class for this expertise.

Secondly, the quantity of research that the subject calls for may even need to be factored in for your fees. For example, you’ll be capable of cope with an undertaking writing a verse for cards in no time but a challenge writing approximately a circle of relatives history might take plenty longer.

The amount of studies required is also related to time. If the general assignment goes to make an effort, then the fee will need to be better.

Lets now get into the nitty-gritty of figures for freelance writer pay as nice we will. The following are costs that have been quoted and paid for skilled writers. Freelance copywriters can assume to earn as much as $a hundred in line with hour whereas at the opposite cease of the dimensions, content editors of textbooks can count on to earn $40- $50 in step with hour.

If you propose charging by the word then the common it is been quoted is $zero.Seventy-five to $1.50.

In conclusion, right here are my final recommendations on triumphing a writing task at an honest price:

If you are a new creator it is best to cite conservatively that allows you to win the work.

When quoting, ask the editor what is the price range and the volume of labor you’re likely to acquire. If there’s a massive amount of labor then you will be capable of offer a volume discount so one can win the mission.

Set a minimum budget in your paintings and do no longer pass below it.

Remember, writing is a profession and, like another career, you need to be rewarded for your skill. If you receive a price for ridiculously low freelance writing pay rates your no longer doing your self or your career any favors.

Advice For New Freelance Writing

I’ve been a settlement writer when you consider that 1993, and one of the most often-requested questions I acquire is the way to locate online writing gigs that pay nicely. If you’re absolutely new to freelancing, the following are 3 portions of recommendation that will help you do just that.

I. Stay off Job Boards: While manner boards may additionally offer quite a few writing gigs for freelancers, loads of them are very low-paying and the competition is fierce.

In my opinion, this is probably many of the top errors many beginners make while starting their freelance writing career. Why? Because even as you start off getting paid such low charges, it can be hard to construct your self-assurance to the element in that you suspect you want to be paid greater.

It can also be all too easy to get stuck in an in no manner-ending cycle of low-paying gigs. This sucks no longer first-rate a while and strength, however, it can shake your self-notion.

Right about now you are probably thinking, “But how do I locate writing jobs online if I do not look on job boards?” Well, I’m glad you asked. This brings us to my second piece of advice, it is to head at once to the supply.

II. Contact Companies Directly: Practically every industrial company this is on line wishes some type of content, eg, blog posts, e-book material, updated net content material material, and so forth. So contact agencies at once. They’re easy to find out online via their social media profiles and, their net websites. Not only will you be reducing out the middle man (eg, task forums), you’ll be cutting right down to your opposition too.

This is how I’ve gotten about 80 to 90 percent of the freelance writing jobs I’ve landed. The specific 15 to 20 percent come via way of referral as I’ve been doing this see you later.

Another advantage of contacting businesses immediately is that you could normally fee greater. The cause is, agencies care approximately their emblem. And many realize that they need to “make investments” in content to make their emblem viable, useful and truthful. So they do now not want to lease freelancers who’ll write for $5 in line with the article; they wouldn’t trust the high-quality.

These business enterprise proprietors look for expert freelance writers they may upload to their “team” – and are willing to pay notable costs for this privilege.

This is the form of patron base you need to domesticate; NOT ones who submit assignments on system forums providing to pay $three for a 500-phrase article. Understand?

III. Specialize in a Niche: The cause I recommend this is that you cannot satisfactory rate more, it could be much less complicated to land customers because of the fact your advertising and marketing may be greater focused.

Also, even as clients view you as a “professional” in a fine area of the hobby, it is easy for you to become their “go-to” creator. And, they will probably refer others to you as well.


There are particular-paying freelance writing jobs to be had, so don’t suppose aren’t. Where many newbies get caught is identifying a manner to locate them – and having the center to set their freelance writing expenses excessive sufficient to make a living wage. Don’t!

Content advertising is all of the rages now. It’s how corporations are constructing their manufacturers online. And they’ll be not about to invest in a $five according to article creator; an extended way from it. They need first-rate – and are inclined to pay for it. So if you’re thinking that bottom-of-the-barrel quotes are what they may be searching out, you’ve got all of it incorrect. In reality, you can surely lose customers as a freelancer with the aid of charging too little.

Freelancing Can Be The Bill Payer

For many, freelancing is greater than just earning a chunk of extra pocket money each month. In reality, many people utilize freelancing positions to pay their payments, raise their children, and put meals on the table every day. If it seems impossible – assume once more! It’s done each unmarried day. So, how can freelancing pay the payments for you? Below you may discover the secrets and techniques to making a career from your freelancing gigs.

Multiple Income Streams – One of the secrets and techniques of the use of freelancing to pay the payments is ensuring that you have more than one earnings streams. Don’t rely on one purchaser to provide you with enough paintings to pay the bills. Instead, make sure which you have numerous profits streams in order that if one dries up, you can rely upon the others. You can try this by means of acquiring several one-of-a-kind customers and utilizing bidding web sites to the pleasant of your capability.

Market Yourself – To achieve success with freelancing, you need to learn to market your self. It’s an ongoing process and you will want to learn how to do it in case you want to bring in enough money to pay the bills from freelancing. There are numerous methods you may market yourself, including submitting articles to article databases like EzineArticles.Com and along with hyperlinks back to your site, leaving considerate and knowledgeable comments on boards with links lower back in your web site to your signature, or even through becoming a member of sure social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Neglect Your Past Clients – Research suggests that eighty% of work comes from 20% of existing customers. If you have not heard from a customer in some time, ship them a short and expert electronic mail asking how they’re doing and whether or not they’re in want of extra paintings. Include a discount coupon with the email so they may sincerely consider using you and your freelancing abilities once more. Keep your name fresh of their minds so that you can get the jobs that arise subsequently!

Create Goals – Determine how much money you need to make each month to pay the bills and create an intention to earn that much thru freelancing. When you understand what you want to make, you are much more likely to tug in the number of tasks you need to make that intention a fact.

As you discover ways to put in force the tips and hints above, you can effortlessly see how freelancing genuinely pays the payments.

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