Interestingly, the Wright Brothers would think about modern aircraft? They were happy to fly up into the sky equivalent toothpicks glued together and imagine what heights might not be able to reach people in the future. Of course, the real genius of flight lies in the fact that the engineers reached behind the scenes of beautiful interiors of aircraft. Planes have become more secure, able to fly long distances, more economical in terms of fuel consumption and more elegant than before. However, only recently, the airline began to realize what a luxury available to wealthy clients on the ground, we can offer and in the air. At the moment, the idea of luxury in the air is not only possible, but is becoming a popular method of travel for those who can afford it.

Some planes from this list can offer the most incredible amenities which you can imagine. They have a shower, luxury bathrooms and everything about what can only dream of. There are even some passenger planes, which for a tidy sum a person can fly for long distances in style and never remember the flight to close the cabin. Is there such aircraft the opportunity to take a hand tiger — it is not specified. However, it is possible that this feature become standard in the future. We present to you the 10 most luxurious aircraft in the world.

10. Aircraft Jackie Chan «Embraer Legacy 650»


As with yourself Jackie Chan, with his airplane joke not worth it. The aircraft is fully equipped for a person who does a lot of flights, Jackie Chan. He can not stop fly very long distances, which helps companies manage his Chan. In addition, the aircraft seat is completely lowered, the passenger was able to lie down and sleep, or sit down and work smoothly. Besides this, Chan always everything at hand. What are not present at the aircraft Jackie Chan? Kulakov.


9. «Airbus A318 Elite»
Where the rich people can find the plane in which the bedrooms are larger than most apartments in New York? How can a billionaire tire of people talk about the Game of Thrones, sipping champagne? Where can the soul be crushed talent stewardesses at the time it submits gourmet cuisine producers? Answers to these questions lie in the Airbus A318 Elite.Given that it offers amenities such as high-backed chairs, and leather upholstery and HD TV on two different levels, it is impossible not to fall in the Airbus A318 Elite. Plans to create a built-in money pit, in the style of Scrooge McDuck, are still in development.


8. «Airbus ACJ319»

Remember «Cobra Commander» character of a line of toys «G.I. Joe », which was cool aircraft with bombs, missiles, and that could hang parallel to the ground? It is possible that he could throw a nuclear warhead on a country like Guam simple click. In addition, the plane had fun cobras stickers.

Well, even the «Cobra Commander» found to Airbus ACJ319 more pathetic to your taste. This aircraft has the largest cabin of all luxury liners, where the inner evil genius of man can relish frolic until the person sipping expensive drinks at the bar of the aircraft. If Cobra Commander were the conditions on the plane, he would have spent more time relaxing and less trying to conquer the world


7. «Emirates Airbus A380»

Airline «United Arab Emirates», usually turns out to be on any list that begins with the words «most elite». Even if it is a list of «the most luxurious chairs», it is likely to be such that they offer an unusual chair made of crystal age of our universe. When it comes to airplanes, the airline does not spare any money.

«Emirates Airbus A380» will be the ideal vehicle for the oil king who no longer knows where to throw away their money. This aircraft is also the dream of a hypochondriac. Guests with a shower on board that allows people to bathe and be clean in minutes. pours is not known whether the shower water or pouring gold ingots.


6. «Bombardier Challenger 850»

«Bombardier Challenger 850» was originally produced as a passenger aircraft, but the company abandoned the idea and decided to make a more elegant and luxurious version. The beauty of this machine is the perfect interior decoration, but it is distinguished by the technology used in its creation. Due to the fact that it was originally conceived for the transport of ordinary passengers, it is economical in terms of fuel and can carry more cargo, yet it also has a set of advanced equipment for the staff. The interior of this monster includes the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room even for a special sense of «I am richer than you.»

You know, what is most interesting? Beyonce bought a special version of the aircraft to Jay Z for Father’s Day as early as 2012.

5. «Gulfstream G650»

Why Transformers choose only be useful in vehicles? They tend to duplicate as a diesel truck, ambulance, and even fighter. How do you like the following idea for a new transformer? One of the transformers will duplicate «Gulfstream G650»? He certainly will not be the same as the leader Optimus Prime, because he does not want to spoil your equivalent of a one-room apartment. Instead of guns, it would probably be champagne splashing into the eyes of their enemies. And his usual phrase is something like: «Well, Caruthers, please, could you attack these enemies on my behalf?»

A walk through the cabin of the «Gulfstream», you can immediately understand why of it would have made a lousy transformer. Some models allow passengers to gently move from the comfortable armchairs in bed, making flights even more enjoyable. Not clearly only one such transformer would be joined to the Autobots or Decepticons?

4. «Boeing 747» Joseph Lau

Clients «American Airlines» familiar with «the Boeing 747» and «luxury» interior. Dim gray carpets. Narrow spaces. Defunct legroom. It’s like flying in a cardboard box. What sort of luxury!

Of course, this is a luxury for normal people. Billionaire real estate mogul and Joseph Lau, would have been in tears if he had to fly like a normal person. For this reason, he decided to buy your own plane 747 for $ 150 million. He has equipped its rooms for meetings, as well as office space is likely to create a simple to count all his money. There are rumors that the plane even have guest rooms and a gym, which makes it quite a luxury jet to all hated him. Have a good trip!


3. «Airbus A320« Heir Force One «»

The royal family does not spend the money accumulated by many generations wasted by using this aircraft. «Airbus A320« Heir Force One «» boasts its own conference room, and even satellite phones to the prince it was easier to call in phone s##. Well, maybe he does not do it, but I could be if I wanted to.

The family can literally sit in luxury on the soft seats in spacious rooms. Do not forget about the many large TVs, wi-fi, and the hundreds of films that are available to passengers. This is one of the most impressive machines in the sky. Nevertheless, the question arises: following the English fashion, whether Prince Charles will call himself Heights Duke or Count all the winged things?


2. «Airbus A380« Flying Palace «» Al-Waleed bin Talal

Imagine if an airplane on which a person is flying at times luxurious the place where he was going. Airbus A380 aircraft, which was once owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, is such. The only aircraft in the world that uses the dream instead of gasoline as a fuel, it is literally better than any other aircraft in this list combined.

Bin Talal bought this monster in 2012 for $ 200 million and has equipped it with all sorts of elements of luxury. Of course, he is ordered to make to order parking his Rolls-Royce and even a concert hall, and is in addition to nearly 20 private rooms on the plane. The only thing that he really could not do was to build a plane of pure gold. That is because the miser.

1. «Air Force One»

Who has more luxury than the president of the United States? In contrast to all these rich oil barons, movie stars, athletes and actors, who themselves were paying for their own planes, allows the president stupid taxpayers to pay their bills. Thus, the president is not just fun for fun on this plane, but people more and pay him for it.

This aircraft has all the standard luxury features such as a large space for the legs, a bedroom and telecommunications equipment. However, it differs in that it is bulletproof, and also the fact that he does not have to stop to refill fuel. Fuel is actually driving up to him when he was still in the air. The plane even has a place for the presidential limousine. In addition, in contrast to all other aircraft in the US presidential plane has room operational meetings.



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