Citizen TV Anchor Who Was Sacked Just Before Going Live

  • When former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’aruareceived information that she had been let go in 2016, she was preparing to go on air.

    In an interview with journalist Yvonne Aoll, she opened up that she was shocked to learn of the news.

    When the list of people who had been laid off was revealed, her name was second.

    Media personality Kirigo Ng’arua reading news at Citizen TV studio

    “I was in the office, I was actually preparing for the 1pm news. It was around 12.30pm, and I was literally the second person on the list to be called in,” Kirigo recounted.

    Though she was still ready to go live, the station’s management made other arrangements.

    Part of what helped her accept the decision to lay her off was a rumor within the office that it was bound to happen.

    The first person she shared the news with was her brother and then her father.

    To get away from everything that was happening and all the talk that was going on, she travelled to Ghana where some friends had invited her.

    Kirigo is currently involved in Communications, Youth, Women, Governance, Mediation, International Diplomacy, Farming and Branding



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