The Jubilee MP defended DP Ruto against corruption claims – Sudi says Joho is a dunderhead who should not talk ill of the DP – Joho, he said, has destroyed the lives of Mombasa youth through drugs – He says the ODM governor is broke and only surviving by virtue of being governor Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has told off Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and termed him an academic dwarf not fit to criticise deputy president William Ruto. Speaking to the press on Monday, August 27, Sudi dismissed Joho over his call on President Uhuru Kenyatta to carry on with the lifestyle audit he had ordered in June 2018 to help Kenyans understand how their leaders acquired wealth. S

Governor Joho Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has reacted harshly to calls for lifestyle audit by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho calling him a drug lord and dunderhead just like him. Photo: UGC Source: UGC

“Me and Joho are of the same academic level and he should not talk about leadership in Kenya nor should he even talk about Deputy President William Ruto,” said Sudi. “You are not fit to address the nation about development and corruption. So many Kenyan youths have been lost in Mombasa because of drugs, a business that is run by you governor ,” he added.  While addressing residents of Baringo County, shortly after meeting retired President Daniel arap Moi on Saturday, August 25, Joho said he was ready to explain where he got his property and challenged those with many helicopters to also explain how they got them. The Mombasa County boss said he is ready to become Uhuru’s friend if it means his war on graft was making him lose friends. The Mombasa County boss said he is ready to become Uhuru’s friend if it means his war on graft was making him loose friends. Photo: UGC Source: UGC

MP Oscar Sudi was in primary and secondary school at the same time Sudi hit the headlines recently over fake certificates that showed he was in Ngeria Primary School between 2003 – 2006 and at the same time he was at Highway High School. In 2017, Joho was put to task to explain how he transformed a D- (Minus) grade he scored in his high school education to a bachelors degree



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