how my room mate died from drinking DEW CONTAMINATED WATER

When the Alarm woke up early that morning, I was not feeling too happy. It Was not because I had a very bad dream, but because I had totally forgotten the dream.
I and my room mate stood up and began to read immediately as it was our last paper in our degree exams. After reading we prepared our selves and went to school for the exam very delighted that we were fasting on that last paper. On getting to school, we were very happy because we all knew it was a happy day and that we were all going to be graduates today!

When the paper finally came,I wrote it with smiles all over my face. But my room mate had sadness all over his face. I leaned to his desk and wispered ” why are u sad, is the paper hard?” He nooded yes.I opened my work for him to copy but our invigilator collected our papers and sent us out of the hall even after we pleaded with him.

The happy day turned sour for us because even though I had finished my question, my friend had not. He was obviously angered. “Why will this have to hapen on my last paper. Is this how I will remember my last exam in school?” He said. With that, he ordered a stick of ciga from mallam musa and draged it to fuel his anger. I tried comforting him by telling him its not the end, at least he has make up to look up to but he still wasn’t happy.”You are saying this because you finished your paper. Mallam abeg give me bottled water.” He said.

Mallam Musa handed him a bottled water labelled “DEW BOTTLED WATER” and I spoke up ” I know of the mineral Mountain dew, but which one is this dew water?” I asked. “Oga I no know walahi. Na Kabiru sell am for the water for me. Him say na him brother send am from tanzania, I buy am because e dey cheap oga”.

We were still having our discussion but my room mate had long consumed the whole water and poured some on his head to cool off the heat. All of a sudden, He began co cough and it got only worse. “Mallam give him water to drink please” I told Musa. Even after drinking some of the water, he was still coughing profuously. The coughing was too much that it made people turn to face us and when he began coughing out blood, he attracted the attention of a large crowd.”What is the problem?” I asked obviously scared. “Am dieing” that was his last words before he collapsed on the open field.

“Did he drink that water?” A guy asked “Yes, dats the only thing he has taken all day” I replied. “Oh no! I got a broadcast message this morning warning about this contaminated water imported from Tanzania. That water has killed him” I turned and looked down at my room mate and say some blood coming out of his mouth. Imidiately I remembered my dream. This was exactly what I hadd dreamt of, and now it was hapening. Damn! Maybe if I had prayed I would have reversed the dream. Maybe if the invigilator had not sent us out of the hall He would not have drank that water and probably would still be alive to keep facing the troubles of this world.



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