DK Kwenye Beat, Hope Kid Face Rape Allegations

The two men have been accused by a 20 year old woman of raping her and infecting her with herpes among other sexually transmitted diseases.

The story was leaked by NRG radio presenter Xtian Dela on Thursday. In explicit messages, the unidentified described how she met the two gospel artists sometime in November only for DK Kwenye Beat to force himself on her while she was still having carnal knowledge with Hope Kid.

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She would later complain to Hope Kid about the non-consensual threesome and leave for home.

The girl, who is apparently depressed then started talking to the Furi Furi hitmaker only for the two to meet in Nairobi where they had unprotected sex.

She accuses him of cutting communication and infecting her with herpes, HPV among others.

The two men have since apologized for their actions. Size 8 has on the other hand asked the parties involved to “forgive and forget.”

“…but I plead with you all FORGIVENESS is the key to your healing you may not understand what am saying but I pray that God helps you FORGIVE,” Size 8 said in a lengthy Instagram post.

The two artists have since apologized for their actions. In fact, “DK Kwenye Meat” as netizens are referring to him now in his lengthy apology said that he has changed his ways and the Lord is using him to minister the good word.


While speaking to Size 8 on camera, he noted that the leaked story was supposed to teach him and others a lesson. He referred to himself as the “sacrificial lamb.”

But taking a look at his Twitter feed, on January 11 this year, the Gospel artist liked a rather graphic video of a woman performing sex acts on a man.

dk kwenye beat, hope kid

While speaking to Xtian, Hope Kid also noted that he has been receiving messages from depressed women, some of whom he has asked to seek help from one Pastor Ken Gomeri.

Pastor Ken,  has learnt preys on young girls who he has preached to in the past especially during their high school days.

The “man of God” resides in Kasarani with his cousin. According to a Twitter user, the pastor helps arrange threesomes for these girls with the help of gospel artist Ringtone Apoko.

“Pastor Ken Gomeri and Ringtone have been arranging threesomes for girls he preached to in high school for years now. He’s an apex predator and girls trust him as a ‘man of God’,” the twitter user said.

“Most girls who have met him after high school have a similar story, same script, coffee at TRM, he takes you to his house in kasarani or Ringtones house. You think you’re in the presence of a great man and then he starts being inappropriate,” she added.


Hey @Dkkwenyebeat and @HopekidHk can you please explain this. How could you do this to an innocent 20 years old!! Gospel Artists doing threesomes and infecting young girls. @MpashoNews @RobertAlai Baba yao @ItsMutai

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Pastor Ken Gomeri and Ringtone have been arranging threesomes for girls he preached to in high school for years now. He’s an apex predator and girls trust him as a ‘man of God’.

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The woman in the alleged threesome with the artists is apparently threatening to press charges against the singers.



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