Police and intelligence officers have this morning raided National Transport Services Authority (NTSA) offices in Upper Hill and arrested top executives led by Director of Registration and Licensing, Jacklin Githinji.

According to sources inside, Jackline is the second officer to be arrested in twenty four hours after one Musembi who actually gave the vehicle used in Dusit terror attack fake registration details.

The investigations on fake registration just happened after the attack with police officers previously ignoring complains of fake registration of vehicles.

NTSA has made itself a law unto itself with no proper monitoring and reporting to board or Ministry. Cartels are not only giving fake registrations to vehicles also but Director General Francis Mejja is known to personally benefit from the racket of PSV licenses which are issued to every Tom, Dick and Jenny as long as they did their driving test 5 years ago.

There is no test of drivers wanting to upgrade to PSV licenses.

Another major racket in NTSA involves motorbike registrations which are currently issued to dealers at a cost of Ksh 1,000. It will be impossible to trace a motorcycle causing accident as they are not registered to individual owners but to dealers who don’t keep records and have no capacity to follow up on errant owners.