Milele FM presenters captured fighting on live radio have been suspended

Milele FM drive show (4pm-8pm) hosts Kaka Zema and Doreen Nassi alias Dee have been suspended after a video of them engaging in a heated verbal exchange went viral on social media.

The suspension is reportedly to allow the Mediamax human resource office to investigate the matter after which disciplinary action will be taken against the two.

Mediamax Network is the umbrella company that owns Milele FM alongside K24 TV, People Daily newspaper, Kameme FM, Kameme TV, Maiyan FM, Pilipili FM, Meru FM and Emoo FM.

In the video, the two presenters are seen inside the on-air studio throwing insults to each other and at some point the situation almost gets out of control when the irate Dee hits Zema with a folded newspaper.

Zema who was poached from Radio Citizen last year ahead of Milele FM relaunch is, however, undeterred by Dee’s action and continues to throw verbal insults at her.

DJ Slim who usually joins the duo live during the show’s music mix session, is seen attempting to calm down the two but Dee is quick to tell him off.

It is not clear why the two were quarreling but from the outbursts one can gather that the fight could have been precipitated by among other things personal grudges and the role each is supposed to play during the 4-hour show.

Initially, the video was treated like prank or a publicity stunt after the station head, Alex Mwakideu, shared it on his Instagram account while promising to get to the bottom of the matter.

Milele FM also shared the same on it’s social media circles.



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