David Murathe is not an ordinary Jubilee Party member. He says what President Kenyatta wants the nation to hear. He has vowed to use all means, including going to the Supreme Court, to block Deputy President William Ruto from running for President.

However, the law is not interpreted the way Murathe is thinking. The Constitution as it is, the DP has a right to contest in 2022 as a President, though he cannot be a DP come 2022. The interpretation of the Supreme Court is not nuclear science. Murathe and his group have lived true to their Mount Kenya philosophy. They will hoodwink allies, but they will never vote for them. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was cheated, his son Raila Odinga too, Kalonzo Musyoka, Prof George Saitoti were all cheated too but never voted for. What Murathe is saying is actually the feeling and the true character of Mt Kenya voting bloc. Ruto must fight it out alone. He must look for his votes as it is now clear Kenyatta and his people have already thrown him under the bus. Politically speaking, Ruto might start agitating for Jubilee elections. Within the Jubilee Party, Kenyatta’s men are fewer, the loyalists are more in Ruto’s camps. We are likely to see a titanic battle this year than what we will see in 2022 including an attempt by Ruto using his allies in the Senate to try and impeach Kenyatta. There is the census, boundary review and the talk of a referendum, that makes the year very interesting politically. In my own calculation, nothing will stop Ruto from ascending to power. He is focused to the prize and he is likely to outsmart any of Kenyatta’s men. Ruto is now also playing the victim card that might help him escape the betrayal that has befallen many vice presidents before him.

Kenyatta has not come out clearly to say Murathe does not represent him neither has he said Murathe is representing him. My take is Kenyatta might be forced to come out and either stop the battle or endorse what Murathe has said which will be viewed from an ethnic perspective, Mt Kenya cannot vote for an outsider. If Murathe is pushing for a candidate from Murang’a called Peter Kenneth to face Ruto so as the presidency goes to only Kiambu, Nyeri, and Murang’a. That might give Ruto lots of sympathy from other regions and isolate Mt Kenya as a region which will never honour a political deal.



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