Success Is Not About Wishes But Choices And Being Smart

1. If you want health, eat well, exercise, take in lots of water and frequent a good doctor.

2. If you want success, be the first to wake up, work smart, seek counsel from those who have made it and then pray for blessings from whomever you worship.

3. If you want prosperity, be open to embrace new opportunities and give in your best.

4. If you want to pass your exams, attend classes, listen to your teachers and revise.

5. If you want blessings, watch your path of holiness, look for the Blesser not the blessings.

6. If you want a bountiful harvest, prepare your land in time, plant the right seeds for the season, take care of the plants and pray for the rains and against pests. And you will harvest.

7. If you want a spouse, work on yourself; self healing, self image, self development, wear the right attitude, wear a smile. You will attract many, then you can make a choice.

8. If you want a promotion, acquire the required skills. Dress up for the promotion, be a good listener, be a smart worker and give your job the best.

9. If you want business prosperity, invest well in yourself, your time, money, skills and work hard.

10. If you want peace live in peace with others but let your enemy know that you are ready for war. He will leave you in peace.

11. If you want new doors to open, stop knocking or concentrating on the already closed doors. Be on the lookout.

12. If you want literacy, read something. Anything.

13. If you want shisha, don’t involve others in your suicide mission. Do it conveniently at home.

14. If you want security, acquire a good gun because nobody responds to alarms.

15. If you want to be rich, run your own business and stop being a paid slave.

And finally if you want to see 2019 the power of life and death is in your tongue. PROCLAIM IT…….

For those who want it, let’s meet there tomorrow. I have proclaimed it.



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