Are you feeling discouraged and wanting to give up on something? I may not know your exact circumstances, but I had an experience that helped me to look at life differently. Like many people give up too quick,they start projects and never finish, and get extremely frustrated when things did not go my way. I thank God for a life changing experience that I went through one Wednesday morning in May of 2014.

The night before, a client had requested me to send a proposal by 9am the following day. That night I agreed with my PA that we will have to be in the office by 7.30am to work on this important proposal. This particular morning I hurriedly went to the office. I was there by 7.15am. In a hurry, I had forgotten my office keys at home. I set in my car “waiting” for my PA to arrive at the agreed time. I waited and waited and saw no sign of my PA coming. I was angry at my PA for not coming on time. By 8am I was boiling with anger. You can understand that a business deal was at stake, so I had all the reason to be angry and frustrated. I wrote a note that I would put under the door to alert my PA that I was there waiting for her and I have gone home to get my keys. I walked out of the car to the office door. As I was putting the note under the door, I heard the phone ringing in the office. This made me more angry thinking that customers are calling and my PA is not there. To my surprise I heard her answering the phone “inside” the office. She had come to the office earlier than I did. All the time when I was sitting in my car looking at the closed door, she had been inside waiting for her boss.

The “DOOR WAS CLOSED BUT NOT LOCKED”. From that day I learned a great lesson: Not every closed door is locked.

The fact that the door is closed, it does not mean it is locked. “Please come in, doors closed on account of weather!” How many opportunities of success, progress and making a difference have passed you by, just because they came in the form of closed doors? You will never know whether the door is locked or not until you touch the door handle. Imagine you never got closer to the door. You would not see that message on the door which says: “Please come in, the doors are closed on account of weather.” The doors of your career, of your relationships and business, may be closed on account of weather. Get closer to your situations and you might realize that they are not as critical as you thought. Your colleague or teenage child could be defensive, unapproachable and not opening up – on account of weather. A little extra effort in trying to understand them can make a difference.

Some things will never move in your favour until you make a move! One day I went to a shopping mall. I saw what I always saw, but this time in a special way. As I advanced to the sliding doors of the mall, they slid opened for me. Amazing isn’t it. I learned another lesson: Some things will never move in your favour until you make a move.

Never give up! Joy, peace, happiness and prosperity await you on the other side of the door. If you belong there, True Spirit will lead you there. Whatever was meant to be yours, will be! But it is required of you to have faith and stay focused. May True Spirit give you boldness and make all things work together for good, just for you.



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