Till P***Y Does us part. (Short story)

Till PUSSY Does us part.
(Short story)

It was her norm. Going to work at 8.00am and leaving in the wee dead hours of the night. She would walk swaying her sweet oval hips and round bum. Men admired but feared her. Why? she never understood. She was a barmaid. A pretty one but she never thought so. Mercy was her name. Sometimes she could feel like someone was following her as she went home but she would just put it behind her. They wouldn’t dare, or so she thought.
Stanley was a handsome young man in his late twenties studying at KCA, he did accounting. Lived at his uncles’ in Ruai. Shy guy, well-built and very handsome. He had a cousin, Derrick, quite handsome too, funny and social with everyone he’d meet.
Her joint wasn’t a big one compared to Shelter Bar and Restaurant and the likes of Jirani but was equally nice. Men fought just to have a space, to see this beauty. Drips was the name she had called it.
One Saturday evening, Stanley and Derrick decided to walk into Drips. See what their friends had been talking to them about. They wanted to see this lady who was a darling to all men. They couldn’t find a spot, they shoved and pushed to get to the counter and order their poison.
She saw him first, and her heart skipped a beat. She had to rub her eyes and look again!
“Niaje Mercy!” Derrick greeted.
“I’m well as you can see. What can I get you?” She said.
Derrick: We need um…
Stanley: Give us two Tuskers please.
He had the huskiest voice she had ever heard. She looked at him and everything came to a stand still. Goodness! She imagine him sliding inside her….. a little moan escaped from her mouth. “oya! Kwani umeona ghost?” Derrick’s voice brought her back to reality. Then an idea struck. She switched off the DVD and made as if broken. There were noises of patrons who were tipsy shouting their heads off, “rudisha ngoma wewe!” She looked at Derrick for ‘help’ and he said , ”well, I am not as good with electronics as Stanley here. Would you mind helping her?”
Stanley! She made a mental note of his name. He said he wouldn’t mind doing it for such a pretty lady. He got inside the small counter. Ofcourse they had to rub or rather touch each other. She felt herself turn hot,. She was blushing! And unluckily Stanley noticed. He smiled warmly and told her not to worry. He doesn’t bite. He however noted that the DVD was alright but made as if trying to resuscitate* it. She knew He knew it was a game. In a few he was out of the counter having had a tight hug from her. He felt his manhood burge and there she knew she’d had him just where she wanted

She turned away from them to serve other customers and on turning back, she couldn’t find them. She couldn’t see him. She felt weak. Her stomach rumbled and she remembered she hadn’t taken anything since morning. She suppressed the hunger with his thoughts. She imagined him and her. Walking down the isle…oh God! Why am I feeling this way?
It was late. Midnight was approaching and had to close down. The patrons had left and only a few were remaining and still wanted some more. She denied them and threw them out. It was becoming too much. She decided to take some time before closing down, just to see if he’d come back which never happened. She went home angry at herself for falling for a complete stranger. But the feeling, she wouldn’t resist it.
That night she had a dream. She was walking home at around 3.00am and someone grabbed her from behind. Whisked her and held her mouth. She tried to free herself and she heard the man whisper to her to stop fighting and that she’s in danger. Someone has been following her and he’s there to help. On turning around, she saw him. Her prince charming. He walked with her, glancing behind to see if anyone was following and took her home. She unlocked the door and by the time they were inside they were all over each other. Kissing hard. Then he started going down on her……… slowly nipping her nipples, chumming her thighs with tiny kisses, she was just on another lever. “Is this what they call cloud nine?” she wondered.
Just then she woke up with a start! It was just a dream…. she laughed at herself. She could feel herself wet, therefore rushed to the bathroom to take a cool shower. How she wished she could see her prince charming.

“First I get cold and hot, Think Am alright but I’m not, Oh what I think I’ve got it must be love…
There’s nothing I can do, all that I want is you, look what am going through
It must be love.
It must be love oh…it must be love, I fall like a sparrow, fly like a dove,
You must be the dream I’ve been dreaming of, Oh what Am feeling…..” Ladies with singing in the shower…. hehehe
Beka : “Knock Knock!”
Mercy: “ Whose there? Bitch get in and close the door behind you”
Beka was Mercy’s best friend. They shared everything and anything. She was pretty and outgoing unlike Mercy who always almost kept to herself. She had known Beka almost all her life. Well, not all but she knew enough of her life and had been part of it since ‘the incident’ as they used to call it because they never wanted to revive the story. It had been too painful for Beka that she got so depressed, nearly committed suicide.
See, Beka was a she-male. They had met in the worst of circumstances when she found her being beaten up by a man because she couldn’t go home with him after drinking his booze. She had therefore rescued her from the dude and had made her her friend. Best friend for that matter.
What’s up? She asked giggling at her. You look like you’ve not slept! Beka reckoned. You’ve got some eye bags woman! What up?? “I can’t tell you” Mercy replied. But knowing her friend only too well she had to fill her in. She told her everything except the fact that she had hugged him.

She wore a navy blue dress which hugged on her sweet figure well well! “You look nice My bish” Beka commented eyeing Mercy narrowly. She knew she hated it when she looked at her like that. “lets go.” They walked fast to get to work and start on their days. Beka was a Cashier at a supermarket near Drips. Once they got there everyone said their goodbyes and went their way.
She opened her joint and waited for her customers. And there he was. He came closer and she would feel her hear beat so fast. That familiar nervousness she felt when she thought of him.
Stan: Hey good morning?
Mercy: “eeer…what did you say?” Shit she felt embarrassed to say the least.

She shouldn’t have been surprised to see him but she couldn’t stop the way her heart sped up at the very sight of him. “Oh hey! Sorry My mind was elsewhere,” she said looking down. She wanted to ask him why they went so abruptly but thought against it. “Woman, you’re pretty, he acknowledged smiling and revealing some pretty dimples. “aaaaa….thanks, she said turning so red. He came closer and sat beside her. He ordered some cold water and she wondered what was going on in his head. She felt sad and happy at the same time thinking that Stanley had a long list of girlfriends.
So, where are you from”
“Kenya, she said. He laughed at that and commented that he isn’t tribal and wouldn’t mind getting to know her.
“What happened last night with your DVD? Ama did you just want a hug from me?” He asked. Fuck!! She thought. Why is this dude doing this? I hatelove him already. She didn’t know the feeling and she knew exactly where the conversation was headed. She released her hair and started stroking it. She was nervous as hell.
“Well, I think I just touched a wire that I wasn’t supposed to…..and sure you loved the hug!” She said holding up her hands. She knew she had beaten him on his game.
“Yeah, I sure did. Can I have it again?” He asked grimacing. She opened her mouth to protest and there he found a chance for a kiss and BAM!! He planted a lovely kiss on her which earned him a hot slap!
“Goodness lady you’re sweet!”
“I am not your toy to play around with!”
“But you loved it right?”
“Don’t you ever do that again!” she snapped at him.
Playing hard to get, he thought to himself. Mercy on the other hand loved every bit of the kiss.
“Do you want me to leave and never come back? Is that what you want? I promise you’ll never see me again if you say so…?” He said looking at her face for any hint of emotion. There it was. He knew he’d get her whether she said it or not. “As you wish eer….whats your name again?” she asked feigning annoyance and laughing loudly inside her heart! (Direct translation) “Stanley but you can call me Stan.”

He was leaningShe gazed sliding where Stan sat on the couch, he was leaning back casually holding up his phone with his left hand. Can I have your number please? He asked her without looking. Feigning ignorance she retorted “I don’t have a phone. Its screen broke yester night.” I’ll buy a kabambe then you can have my number.
“No need” he said. “I can find you if I want to. And since we have some lust for each other, I’ll come looking for you, and trust me I’ll find you”
“How? Who are you? CID or something of the sort?”
“Let me just say there will be enough time for you to know. Not now.” And with that he stood up to leave. His masculinity showed very well with the fitting T-shirt he was wearing and it made Mercy have some juice drops. She gasped and let out a moan, louder than the previous one and at this, Stanley chuckled leveling sweet dimples.
“whats going on in that little head of yours? Did you just moan?”
“……aaah….uuum…..” she was lost for words. Realizing her mistake she stood abruptly and made for the counter.
‘Yeah you can leave, your bill is sorted. Or is there anything else?” she mouthed.
“Come, let me give you my number” he beckoned. Seeing her again was going to be tough since he had a very tight schedule. She came over with a pen and paper.
“Well, 07…? She asked looking up waiting for him to dictate. He took the opportunity to kiss her again, lightly at first then hungrily as he thrust his tongue inside her mouth, twirling in a deep kiss that took both their breaths away.
There’s something about this guy and I can’t quite place a finger. Ill Google him. Try to dig who he is. She thought to herself
“Bitches! Get yourselves a room!! This is a fwaking work place!” a voice boomed looking at them with a sneer.
“Who the hell are you?” Stanley asked moving towards him fists clenched and face murderous.
“Wait! Wait! He’s my brother.” She said slowly and Stan stopped at his tracks.
“I am not your brother bitch! Give me my booze and money and I’ll be well on my way. Where’s your phone by the way? He purred. Making her jump.
Stan stood there watching silently as Tony abused and belittled Mercy.
“It broke yesterday. I’ll get some money to buy another one. It has broken too often. I need a new one therefore I’ll not give you any money this month. Please let me…………” A slap!! He slapped her.
I need my money by evening! He backed. Or else……
“Or else what?” Stanley was now fuming, towering over Tony. “Or else what?” He asked again. “How much does she owe you? I need an answer in ten seconds!”
“I lent her 100,000 shillings when I had money. She hasn’t even paid 10,000!” He said slowly but carefully.
“So that means you can beat her anyway you want? You are her brother for Christ’s sake. You should be the one looking out for her.” He shouted at him. “Follow me. Ill withdraw the cash and pay you up minus 10,000shillings for hitting her. If I ever see you here again……”he trailed off
“You don’t need my number. I’ll find you.” With that, he left.




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