Governor Sonko Rescues Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng, Air Lifted To Nairobi

Former Boxing champion and super star Conjestina Achieng’ has been flown to the Nairobi for specialized treatment courtesy of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

Sonko’s move came after an a disturbing video of the former champion emerged online in which she appeared half-intoxicated while striking a series of boxing poses before taking a cash handout.

The video drew the attention of Governor Sonko who took action immediately by organising the airlift from Siaya to Nairobi. The good governor also promised to offer her a job after her rehabilitation.

After seven amateur bouts, “Conje” made her pro debut on 8 June 2002 in Nairobi, winning a four-round decision over Naomi Wanjiku of Kenya who fell to 0-2.

In her second pro bout, also in Nairobi, she fought to a four-round draw with Damaris Muthoni of Nairobi, whose record was then 2–1-2 (1 KO).

In January 2011, Conjestina’s father sent an appeal to Kenyans to help him take her to hospital after her behaviour deteriorated from the norm.

According to her father Clement Adalo, Conjestina had removed her son from school, set ablaze to all her boxing gear and disposed of all the equipment from her gymnasium, which she had opened in 2009.

She was admitted at the Mathari hospital in Nairobi which specializes in mental health care before she was later released. Back then Mama Ida Odinga and city politician Rachel Shebesh and Millicent Omanga and Vyonne Khamati contributed some cash to her rescue but nothing sustainable was offered and thus her current situation.

Previously there have been fake rumours online of death something pundits think was done intetionally by one of her fans to bring attention to those in power of her deplorable situation.

Governor Sonko is keen on helping sports legends given the fact that he has appointed some veterans like Dennis Oriech and Musa Otieno (both former Harambee Stars captain and international football starts) into the County government sports board.

For Conje, her situations is worse, she needs upkeep and therefore even if Sonko hires her a ghost worker nobody will question.





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