If anyone was ever told I once had a beautiful family,one would wallow in doubts.
I was from Mt Kenya hospital to visit my sick mum who had been diagnosed with diabetes. In the noisy matatu stage, I hoped into one of the matatus and sat at the backseat.I fished out my phone and as I was going through the*134# safaricom news updates,a handsome guy sat beside me.

Him:hello madam
Me:hello too sir
Him:quite hot inside here
Him:sorry I didn’t even introduce myself. Am Mark Kimani.but they call me Kim.
Me:am Sandra Wanjiru..
Him:nice to meet you Sandra
Me:nice to meet you too

Our conversation ranged from politics to climate to our occupations. The journey was shorter than usual such that I didn’t realise our arrival to the city.
We alighted and since I was in a hurry,I gave Kim my contacts and left
Since then I and Kim were so fond of each other and as time went by,we fell in love.

On the 21st May 1999,close friends and relatives chipped in the city cathedral to make my wedding I walked down the issle,I smiled as my dream was nnow a reality.
The celebrations went to late night and the following morning we took a flight to Dubai for our honeymoon.
Two weeks later,we returned to fully settle on our marriage life.we we’re blessed with two twin girls who I named Liann and Lilly.
My marriage was worth admiration. Every young couple would admire to have.and I really loved it
I vividly remember that fateful Friday when my marriage became real shatters.I was seated on my coach enjoying the laughter of my kids,when my phone rang ang it was kim calling.
Me:hello dear
Kim:I want a meal of pilau and beef stew prepared for you get that!!!

I had never heard Kim command in such a harsh voice.I didn’t give a damn.I staggered to my kitchen to prepare my hubby’s dish.when I was through,it was 8:00pm.hardly had I placed the meal down,when a loud bang shattered the peace in the house.I rushed outside only to find Kim standing on the doorstep. The look on his face was enough to scare away Lucifer himself. My kids didn’t dare cling on to him like before.I opened my arms to welcome my hubby home only to receive a blow that sent me writhing in pain on the cold floor in return.
Kim walked past me and I had no idea what he picked from the study room and walked out without a word .That’s when I noticed blood stains on his back.that sent a chill down my spine.but who knows??

I fed my children and they retired to bed as I sat on my coach deep in thought.the clock ticked 11:00pm and I was already dozing.I retired to bed too and hoped my hubby would be home safe.
I guess I had slept so tightly that my slumber,I was woken up by a sharp scream from my daughters’ bedroom.I sat upright ass I pinched my right hip to ensure I was awake.and sure I was.
I shot out towards my kid’s room only to find Lian on the floor in a pool of blood as Kim forced a sharp sword into Lilly’s belly.a sharp pain pierced my soul.and
Me: Kim,,you killed my children.
Kim:you going to meet your maker stupid woman.

He turned to me ,pulled his sword out of Lilly’s belly annd aimed at me.I bent and the weapon hit the wall and fell on the floor.I had a perfect chance to escape.I rushed down the stairs to my door only to find it locked.before I realised,Kim was already on my kneck.I gathered enough courage.I have never fought a man before.I gathered enough courage and strength. I got hold of his left leg and broke it.he couldn’t be up again..
I rushed to the dining and picked my spare keys,unlocked the door and rushed outside only to find a large mob sorounding the eyes settled on Lissa my best friend.I fell into her arms and broke down…….




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  1. Wat happened next?

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