Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Caught With Someone’s Wife in a Lodging in Kakamega(Video)

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor (Waiguru’s Deputy) H.E Peter Ndambiri has been caught chewing another man’s wife in a Kakamega lodging.

Mr Peter Ndambiri has been hunting for the petite woman for the better part of the day when others were busy planning the future of the country.This evening,the money loving woman gave in.He (Peter Ndambiri)hurriedly rented a room in Kakamega with the Devolution Conference per Diem money where he started harvesting the woman. Someone who knows the lady’s husband alerted the family, who came at a lightning speed.

Few minutes later,Waiguru’s Deputy Governor was caught ej@culating inside the woman at a donkey’s speed. The crowd unplugged him from the woman and started embarrassing him.



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