Statehouse Mafia Celebrate Uhuru NEW CABINET SECRETARIES BUT The Fear Of What Next Is Real

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Three things.

One. William Ruto cannot fight the system. If the system conspires against you, it doesn’t matter whoever you are, you either join forces or you surrender. No one can fight the system. Not even Uhuru Kenyatta.

Two. William Ruto is a child of peasantry, and so is 99% of all Kenyans. Paulo Freire, in the ‘Pedagogy of The Oppressed’, says that the system always treats the oppressed as an empty vessel to be filled with the system’s own set of realities. This is meant to maintain a chokehold on your state of mind. It explains why we are collectively celebrating the system incarceration of William Ruto. The system is happy that peasants are turning their knives on their own. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Three. You’ve all been played. All of you.

Because some of you are still suffering from a brain-freeze to understand my take, let me write this in black and white.

If William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta were paraded on a platform and I was told to choose which lesser evil to put my lot in, I will side with William Ruto any day. This I have no apologies to make. The people messing around with William Ruto right now are the ones who relied on his fanatical base to capture power and are now dispensing with him like used whatever.

I don’t like people who think this country is their property and they can do whatever they want with it. I do not like people who make promises to other people and they don’t keep them simply because there will be no consequences attached to those promises. The reason I am supporting NASA’s call for secession is because some people in this country have ruled us like we are their servants thinking we are powerless to do anything about it. Everyone love their freedom from slavery, no one likes to be used by others for whatever reason.

I will support anyone who stands up and returns treachery for treachery, violence for violence, tooth for tooth. If William Ruto will be the one to take the war to those who think this country is their property, I will support him, one-hundred-percent, with all my all.

And it doesn’t matter whether they will kill him or he will survive – all of us will die someday, so this is a non-issue. All I am saying is that someone got to stand up for this modern day slavery, if only to send a strong message that this country is not anyone’s playground.

I hope I am now clearer than bottled water.




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